Additive layer manufacturing for aerospace parts essay

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The aerospace industry continues to find new applications for additive manufacturing. Whether it is being utilized for making prototypes and parts at lower costs or for creating designs unachievable with traditional manufacturing, 3D printing has nowhere to go but up.

Additive ManufacturingAdditive Manufacturing is a group of layer-by-layer technologies. These technologies are capable of using polymers, metals and ceramics. The material used in production could be in form of wire, liquid or powder.

Aerospace takes to additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing has the potential to revolutionize the production of aerospace and defense components. The advantages of additive manufacturing are now widely recognized, even in the general media, and are predicted to revolutionize manufacturing processes for.

The Advanced Manufacturing and System Integration Laboratory, part of the University of Florida Center for Manufacturing Innovation(previously known as Machine Tool Research Center), aims to bridge advanced manufacturing practices and basic scienceswhile pushing the advance in manufacturing process development, monitoring, and here are tackling various scientific challenges .

Additive layer manufacturing for aerospace parts essay
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